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Gold Creek

"I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall." - Mike May

Gold Creek flows through Golden Ears Provincial Park just outside of Maple Ridge BC. The creek has some nice waterfalls along its length, and some nice beaches, I have heard. Golden Ears Park is just a short drive from

where I live in Abbotsford BC, and it is a nice place to go for a little day trip when I get the day off work and want to take the dog out. This past Wednesday I had the day off from work, so Aatu and I went out for a nice little 13 km loop of the East and West Canyon Trails along the banks of Gold Creek, the trip took us most of the morning with us leaving around 8 am and getting home around noon.

For our trip this day I challenged myself to try and only take photos, or as many as possible with the 70-200mm lens. There was really no reason for this, other than I wanted to make myself think outside the box. This photo to the left is taken at approximately the halfway point of the hike, on the bridge that crosses Gold Creek. I am hoping to go back to this park, and do the Golden Ears Peak trail, I have heard the views are quite amazing along the way.

Until you hear from me again, thanks for reading and following along. - Riley.

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