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A long time.

Wow, it's been a long time since I sat down to write for this blog. With the time of year, and school winding down, I am hoping the righting of this blog will ramp up. Since I last wrote her, I have started a new job, made some new friends, and had a good friend move away. With that all said, I am looking to make the most of the summer, and I am going to make this blog, and photography a large part of that. I am currently working on a list of things I would like to do this summer, some of them pretty simple and easy, like spending the night at Lindeman Lake with my dog, others are more lofty, and I will keep those a secret until I know if they are going to happen. Just make sure to keep checking back to see if they happen. Until then, I have still been going out and taking some photographs which I will be posting up on here tonight. You can see some of favourites right below, or you can see the whole album on the Photos page of this site.

Thanks for reading!


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