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When the mercury drops.

If you know me, you know I can get a little frustrated when things don't quite go how they should, at least in my head. Well, that happened this morning. I had the Explorer all packed up and ready to go for today's shenanigans. I had to fill the tank up before I left. I was at the pump and just going about business as usual, when the gas cap wouldn't come off. I grabbed my Leatherman and tried chipping away at the ice and it still wouldn't come off. The gas station I was at has a Tim Horton's in it, so I went in and asked for a cup of hot water. I tried pouring that on it, still no luck getting the cap off, it just twisted from open to lock. Then, it clicked! It was going to work! Nope, it had actually cracked and broke. I got frustrated and closed the gas door and went home. I was upset and feeling a little down that I had packed up and gotten ready, but couldn't go anywhere with no gas. Not wanting to take no as an answer I went and looked at it and realized that only the handle had broken off from the mechanism and that the mechanism seemed to be working fine, so I grabbed some needle nose pliers and made them my new handle. The adventure was back on! Filled up, and off we went.

-18 Celsius.

That's what the thermometer read when I hopped out of my truck in the parking lot at Lightning Lakes. Eighteen below zero, thats cold. So cold, that when I stepped outside the moisture in my breath started to turn to ice in my beard almost instantly. I couldn't let the cold stop me though, I had rented some snowshoes and driven all the way from Abbotsford with my dog. We were going snowshoeing. Or, so I thought. Aatu had other plans. We got about 10 minutes in when he started trying to climb up my leg and started whining. We turned back and started the quick journey back to the parking lot. When we arrived in the parking lot, he was playful and a little more energetic. I tried to give him some water and food, of which he wanted neither. I put the food and water away, and off we went again. In search of amazing views and a nice peaceful walk around the lake. This time we made it halfway around the lake before he started shivering and I could tell it was time to get him back to the truck. Once I made him comfortable in his blankets in the truck and wiped all the snow off of him, I shut the door and was quickly off to the lake to snap some photos. When I was done trying to take some pictures of the trees and the mountains I rushed back to the car park to let him out to go to the bathroom. This time Aatu wanted to run and play and he actually posed for pictures. Once Aatu decided he had had enough of playtime and that it was too cold, he went at sat at his door to the truck. We were back on the road; and with it being still so early in the day I knew I couldn't just go home, we were out for an adventure!

In the spirit of adventure, and of getting the puppy out and seeing the world, I decided that we still had plenty of time to hit up a local favourite of mine. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. When we got to the park, the road was lined with cars both directions as far as you could see. It was only two below here though, much better than eighteen below. Aatu seemed to agree with that when I let him out and he instantly started running around and sniffing everything. We walked down the road to the lake, and Aatu got to meet lots of new people, and dogs. He seemed to really like all the girls giving him attention though... We got to the lake and walked to a clear spot on the beach and just sat there for a bit enjoying the view of the mountains. The sun was starting to set in the mountains when we arrived back at the truck, and Aatu was more that appreciative of the dry blankets in the truck to curl up in for the drive home.

Happy New Years!

Hyvää uuttavuotta!

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. - John Muir

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