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Canada Day 2017

Yes, the title of this post is Canada Day weekend, but I am posting a little late... Oh well. For Canada Day this year my family went to our cabin on Deka Lake, in the beautiful Cariboo of British Columbia. It was a great weekend with family and friends, filled with adventures for Canada's 150th. On the Saturday we went for a nice little drive out to Canim and Mahood Falls. Both of which are quite the waterfalls. The second of the two falls, Canim, are a little farther down the trail, and in my opinion the more picturesque of the two.

On the Sunday we went out for a drive down Windy Mountain Forestry Service Road, out to Windy-Preacher road and up towards Preacher Ridge and Preacher Lake. We didn't, however make it all the way to the ridge, or the lake. That's a trip for next time. Both evenings up at the cabin, I went out to try and photograph some wildlife and the sunset. Of the two, the sunsets turned out the best. I definitely need to try photographing wildlife more, and get better at the manual focus when the doubler is on the lens. For some examples of my wildlife photography, see the photo album titled Canada Day Weekend.

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