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BCOR 2017

I got today off of work, so I went to the first full day of the first annual BCOR, or BC Overland Rally. I got there right around 9 A.M, and I just started walking around the vendor booths. Since I wasn't able to stay for the whole weekend I didn't have to spend any time setting up camp. I noticed on the schedule for the day they had an Action Photography class, so I went and sat in on that. The man teaching the class, Eric I believe, has lived in Whistler BC for the past number of years. There he is a ski and action sports photographer. Hearing some of the things he had to say, and some of his experiences on paid shoots was really interesting. At the same time as our photography course there was a technical driving class going on right near us, meaning a perfect opportunity for the class to go mobile.

The Mitsubishi Fuso actually had to come down off the track and go back up it at a different angle, I assume because he was too big to make the corner.

Most of the vehicles I saw go around this corner on the course were around the size of the Discovery above. The notable exception being the Fuso above. Also on the course were some full size Ram pickups.

Unfortunately I had to leave shortly after this photography class, as it was just getting too hot for the dog and there just wasn't enough shade for him, aside from laying underneath peoples cars and trucks. If you want to see more photos from today go to my photo galleries page.

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